GENERAL PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: We understand that everyone is not completely "computer saavy", please don't get frustrated if you don't understand these guidelines. Just send what you have and if it's not what we need we'll work with you from there. *You will email your photo to us by attaching it to your Order Confirmation Email. IF you are given the option when attaching the picture, choose “Attach File” NOT “Attach Photo”. (handy little feature that will RESIZE your photo and make it very low quality. *Be sure you send us the original file downloaded off of your camera. We will do touchup, crop, color correction, etc. Feel free to send special requests. *Before taking pictures, be sure your camera settings are on “FINE”. *If you must scan a photo send, use a 5x7, clean glass on scanner bed, and scan at 300dpi. DO NOT compress the file when saving it as a jpeg, choose the highest quality settings. *Files sent should be a minimum of 1mb, or 1000kb. Larger is best! *The quality of your photo will reflect directly when we print it. Poor lighting and phone pictures will not print well and you may be disappointed. *If you are using a photograph taken by a professional photographer, be sure you let us know that you have permission to use it. *We reserve the right to request alternate photos to ensure a high quality print.