Before deciding on a theme, a date, and a location for your child’s next birthday party START HERE with this fabulous guide on PRE-planning the perfect party. Here we’ll cover all the basics to create a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone. Wow your party guests, but most of all ensure that your birthday boy or girl has a happy, happy day! After the basic plan is set, the really fun stuff starts…choosing a theme, invitations, guests, favors and decorations! Read our helpful How to Choose a Party Theme Guide and then download the Perfect Party Checklist to be sure you don’t miss anything.

First and foremost, to plan the perfect party for your child, think about what they enjoy the most.
Is there a character that fills your child with joy? A favorite show or movie that you can “recreate" at home? It’s good to start thinking about incorporating a theme *Choosing a fun Theme Idea Sheet* at this time that ties in to their happy place! You can choose a favorite activity like...
  • Playing at a playground or park
  • Arts & Crafts, Pottery Painting
  • Gymnastics or Martial Arts
  • Simple Outdoor Play at Your Home
  • Fantasy Dress Up
  • Salon or Spa Day
  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • Children's Theater
Then consider the TIME OF DAY that is best for your child and others their age.
If you’re inviting 2 year olds from preschool, be sure not to plan it during a typical nap time, just to fit into a party venue’s schedule. It’s not worth having a tired, cranky birthday boy or girl. Meal planning will also help determine the best time of day. If you want to have a cake and ice cream only party, be sure to time it appropriately so guests don’t arrive hungry expecting a meal. If serving a meal or even heavy appetizers, start the party between 11:00am -12:30pm or 5:00pm – 6:30pm. At parties starting around typical meal times, guests will expect that they’re going to be fed. If you plan to serve cake only, have your party two hours before or one hour after traditional meal times so your guests won’t arrive or go home hungry. Or simply put a note on the *invitations* like one below, so there are no misunderstandings...
  • Cake and Ice Cream will be served
  • We'll have light snacks and cake
  • Sweets and Treats Table
  • Pizza & Cake
  • Come hungry!
Next choose the DAY OF THE WEEK with these situations in mind.
Saturday afternoons seem to be best and are typical party times for many reasons. Some school age kids have sports events on Saturday mornings, and many families go to church Sunday mornings, plus it’s nice not to obligate people to jump up out of bed on Saturday after a full week to rush off to your party. Weekend parties are better for younger children, so parents and siblings can attend too...and hopefully you won’t find yourself babysitting instead of hosting. While, older children may most enjoy an after school/evening party on a Friday.

WHO TO INVITE makes all the difference to your child at their party.
Before choosing your child’s party date, get in touch with parents of best friends to be sure they can attend. Party sizes range greatly, from 3-4 friends from preschool to 20-30 classmates, but there is a growing trend to invite all of your family and friends to one group party instead of a “child’s kid party”. Your child will likely enjoy either, so choose what best fits your budget, your lifestyle and your venue. When creating your guestlist for *invitations* bear in mind that typically only about 60% of guests invited will be able to attend. So keep that in mind when considering how many guests you want to end up at the party. Nobody wants their child to end up disappointed at their party due to lack of guests.

NOW, on to the REALLY fun stuff.... How to Choose a Party Theme Guide then download our handy Perfect Party Checklist