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With Amy's Card Creations being owned and run by a stay at home mom, I've come across some GREAT sources for other baby gear, maternity items, twins products and generally great family stuff! Don't forget to come back here and keep shopping for the most creative, custom stationery products! : From personal experience, I HIGHLY recommend this program, "Sign with your baby" by Dr. Joseph Garcia. We taught our son to sign, and he began signing back by 10 months of age and used up to about 40 signs on a regular basis through about 18 months. He has a HUGE vocabulary and at a very young age seemed to have a great understanding of the world around him. Signing with your baby increases communication and decreases frustration. There are people spreading myths about signing delaying speech in toddlers, it's simply not true. Some children talk later than others. Those who can sign have a huge advantage because they can still let you know what they want!

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